Notes From The Awareness: 336

Our willingness to invest illustrates our priorities.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We tend to think of investment in terms of money, but we also invest our time, our focus, our effort and our emotions, too. Often a goal or project will require us to contribute on all these levels.

Some investments we’re enthused about, some are neutral to us, and others we begrudge. We may make regular contributions to a retirement account or to pay down debt—not exciting perhaps, but moving toward a better future. We may pay quarterly taxes, with some reluctance, if we own a business, to keep on the good side of the government. Or we may happily volunteer each month for a charitable cause that speaks to our heart. All of these represent scheduled contributions, but with different levels of our enthusiasm.

Today’s message advises that the willingness I have to make a personal investment is an indication of my personal priorities. If I’m excited about committing myself and my resources, its’ a sign that the goal is in line with my core values. Reluctance to do so might flag the need for either a priority review or an attitude adjustment. I feel good about spending my time and resources when I understand the benefits clearly.

How about you? How do your personal investments align with your priorities?