Care is often less painful than correction.

Our society tends to be reactionary. We respond to problems as they occur, and sometimes long after the fact.

We can see this illustrated in politics—think climate change, student loan crisis, gas prices, the economy. This tendency also appears at a personal level. We may scramble to deal with health issues, relationship problems, or financial setbacks.

We may fail to put preventative measures in place on a regular basis because they entail additional effort or cost. As long as things seem to be fine, ongoing care may seem to be a waste.

When things go badly awry, we might try anything to fix the problem. We may then feel we’d be willing to pay or do anything to have things back the way they were.

And often the associated costs—if reversal or repair is possible—are more burdensome than ongoing care and maintenance might have been.

Today’s message reminds me to be careful in tending to the things and folks that matter to me. My regular care nurtures what is precious to me.

Please reflect and share. What might you be more careful to tend and nurture?