The how is more important than the what.

We’re a society that is into achievement. We talk about goals and plans; we have metrics and benchmarks. And if we don’t hit our targets and cross items off our lists, we’re likely to feel bad about ourselves.

While we’re trying to achieve, we may be anxious about our performance. Are we doing things correctly? Are we doing enough? Will we and others view our progress positively?

This focus on the end result—the what—can poison our experience in the moment. We can be so caught up in making things happen that we forget to enjoy life as it unfolds.

When we shift our awareness to they way we feel about what we’re doing—the how—we stay in the present. If we don’t care for the way an experience feels to us, we can change our approach as we go along. Having fun and feeling good about ourselves becomes more important than hitting a subjective goal by an arbitrary deadline.

Today’s message reminds me that the purpose of my existence is to enjoy life and appreciate all of Creation. I won’t do that by achieving goals. Loving myself and all of life as I go along will keep me in a sweet spot in my purpose.

Please reflect and share. What matters more to you: what you do or how you do it?