We want what we believe we need.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us could easily assemble a wish list of desires—relationships, possessions, money, experiences, recognition. We want thing we believe would improve our quality of life. An sometimes we go after these things to the detriment of what actually would make us happier, our basic needs for a good life.

To have a quality everyday existence we need a few basic things—physical, mental, and emotional health; adequate healthy food and drink; safe shelter; a sense of connection and purpose. Yet it is easy to slight these needs in pursuit of our desires. We may believe money possessions, and stimulation are what we required when they actually may distract us from taking good care of ourselves.

We focus on our shiny-object desires because they feel sexier than self-care and they may seem to fill conscious or unconscious emotion needs temporarily. Addressing our emotional and mental health by understanding the drivers behind our compulsions will likely bring us more peace and satisfaction than pursuit and acquisition.

Today’s message advises me to keep my focus on ensuring my actual needs are met on a daily basis. After that, any further desires should be a pleasant side dish, not to be confused with the main course of basic needs. I prosper when I take regular care of the basics.

How about you? What are your basic needs?