Tripping isn’t necessarily bad.

We all stumble from time to time. Something catches us physically or mentally unaware and we lose our balance and momentum.

Often the immediate result is uncomfortable or downright painful. We tend to think of the occurrence as an unwelcome accident.

Past the pain, the result is that we stop or slow down and are more vigilant on our path as we proceed. Sometimes we may backtrack and look for a better route. Either way, we experience a shift in our awareness.

Whether we trip over a root, our ego, or our beliefs, we are given an opportunity to re-evaluate. We’re stopped temporarily so we can consciously choose our path and means of progress.

Today’s message invites me to slow down a bit and be aware of possible pitfalls. Should I trip, I may wish to view it as an opportunity for reflection and conscious choice.

Please reflect and share. What has tripped you up recently?