Make your own sunshine.

In Wisconsin, this has been an abnormally grey winter. Even snowy days which usually are followed by bright sunshine have usually led to more grey skies.

It may feel oppressive to us sometimes. For someone like me who is solar-powered, it can be harder to motivate through the grey.

When life doesn’t provide the bright light we crave, we need to generate it ourselves. This can be physical, as in the use of daylight-balanced light bulbs. It can also mean making sure we get outside time each day, to take in whatever meager sunlight there may be. Wearing bright colors can also have a cheering effect on us.

We also can generate sunlight as good cheer. Noticing our small blessing and playing them up into a larger impact can help. Being kind and thoughtful—both of others and of ourselves, too—can also make a positive impact. If we’re not feeling any lightness of spirit, we can fake it until we make it. Eventually, we’ll notice we’re feeling the happiness for real.

Today’s message suggests it’s time to up my personal wattage. On grey Midwestern days, I need to be the light I want to see, shining it all around me.

Please reflect and share. How might you magnify your personal light?