Shake it up.

We can feel stuck sometimes. Our best efforts and intentions may not be giving us the results we would like. We may seem to be in a rut with no exit point.

When what we’re doing isn’t working, it may be time to try something different. That doesn’t mean we need to scrap our previous plans completely. But we likely need to tweak and shift them, to give them new life.

This may mean undoing previous actions, or removing a step we felt was necessary and replacing it with a different measure. It could mean going in another direction entirely, or taking a break to ponder and regroup rather than continuing with what isn’t working.

Most definitely it should entail altering our perspective and attitudes. Are we seeing thing clearly? Do we have positive feelings and thoughts around our desired end result? Are we trying to force things when timing may not be right?

Today’s message indicates that if I feel stuck somewhere, it’s time to shake things up. And the best place to start is with an internal review. What needs to shift inside me to empower a different outcome?

Please reflect and share. Where do you feel stuck and what might you do to shake things up?