Celebrate your progress.

For many of us, one day can seem much like another. We have our chores and routines, our work, and our habits and pastimes. Weekends or free days may be somewhat different, but life may largely seem the same.

If we’re not paying close attention, it might seem to us that we’re stagnant. Nothing really changes all that much. Or does it?

Each day has its own unique challenges. We handle them as best we can. We hopefully learn from them and then we keep going.

This is our progress, although we might not think of it as such. But with a little self-awareness added to the mix, we can see that we are changing daily, and likely for the better.

Perhaps we handled an encounter with an annoying individual a bit better than we have in the past. Maybe we dealt with an uncomfortable situation more gracefully.

We might have remained cheerful in the face of a minor mishap. Maybe we stuck to our diet or exercise goals. Maybe we just made sure we got adequate sleep.

Whatever we did right, we need to give ourselves credit for it. Even if we didn’t handle things well, perhaps recognizing that fact neutrally can be a step in the right direction.

Today’s message reminds me that each day, every day, offers me an opportunity to refine my life skills and consequent happiness. I don’t have to make monumental changes. Small, incremental changes will help me have an easier and more enjoyable life.

Please reflect and share. Do you give yourself credit for your small personal wins?