What is…is.

Most of us have at least several things in life we’re not fond of. We often bemoan, fear, are outraged by, or resent them. We may even look away, trying to pretend they’re not happening. Yet each time we give them notice, they’re still there as a constant, low-level irritant.

Our emotional reactions keep us tied to the undesired patterns. The more we struggle with the unwanted, the more closely we’re entwined with it. When we’re willing to accept what is—even if we don’t like it—we release ourselves from that bondage. We’re then ready to create something different.

Today’s message asks me to accept my life as it is, warts and all. Only then am I free to generate based on my positive visualizations. When I come from a neutral space, I can create without the impediment of emotional baggage.

How about you? How do you feel about what is?