We are everything we need.

When we’re struggling or don’t get what we wish in life, it’s easy to want outside help. Deus ex machina—the idea of god descending from the clouds to make things right—has its appeal.

We may feel overwhelmed or incapable of doing what is needed to get ourselves or situations on track. This sense of helplessness or hopelessness can be scary. Why can’t someone else adult for us for a change?

When we’re in this mindset, we forget one essential concept. We are intrinsically interconnected with all of creation. We and everything and everyone are part of a divine whole. As such, we have access to all of creation to resolve our struggles.

All the strength, wisdom, and fortitude we need to handle anything and everything is available to us when we go within. When we get still and inhabit our interior heart space, we find the gateway to our divine interconnection.

From this space, we can gain understanding, empower our visualizations for manifestation, and find the peace and calm we need to deal with things capably. By going within, we expand our potential.

Today’s message invites me to problem solve from a space of conscious divine interconnection. Why not avail myself of creation’s infinite possibilities?

Please reflect and share. Do you see yourself as part of a divine whole?