Joy is always present.

As I sat today at my keyboard searching for a message, a message found me. My desk faces a hop hornbeam. It’s old and craggy-barked and has finished blooming. It’s seed pods have yet to develop.

It seems an unlikely place for a pollinator to choose, but that’s exactly what happened right in front of me. A female hummingbird flitted in and rested on a branch in clear line of sight. She paused for a minute, flitted to an even closer branch, and then left once she was certain her message had been delivered.

In shamanic symbolism, hummingbirds are considered messengers between the worlds and also teach lessons about finding sweetness in life. They can show us how to find joy in the simplest of occurrences.

Today’s message, courtesy of the hummingbird, shows me I need to focus more on the sweetness of everyday life. Joy is always waiting for me, if I’m willing to find it.

Please reflect and share. What might hummingbird show you?