You are your greatest work

Many of us would like to leave our mark on the world. We may wish to be remembered for our accomplishments. Both in life and in death, we may hope to have our works acclaimed.

And this very well may occur. Some of us may even achieve a certain level of public recognition. Our creations may live on after us.

But this recognition of outward accomplishments may fail to take into account our most important creations—ourselves.

Most of us learn and grow throughout our lives. We want to be good people, at least many of us do. We try to minimize our lesser traits and maximize our greater ones. Learning that our thoughts and behaviors can dramatically influence quality of life for ourselves and others, we attempt to do and be better.

We emphasize kindness, tolerance, and acceptance. We’re generous and truthful. Sharing our authentic selves with others is important to us. We try to keep things real and benevolent.

And all our positive efforts help us and others around us be happier and freer. We may also serve as a role model for others. And in adopting some of our better traits, they, in turn, may serve to inspire others as well.

Today’s message reminds me that while my quest to be better humans may not gain me media fame, it still can have a profound impact. I try to build goodness in myself and in sharing it with others, I free it to grow and expand in the world.

Please reflect and share. What wisdom do you have to share with others?