There is always a way to make things feel better.

Painful and uncomfortable situation are part of life. Sometimes it can seem like circumstances will never improve. We’ve likely tried a number of solutions and remedies without the desired result. We don’t want to live with things as they, are and we’re tired of trying things that don’t work.

When this type of impasse occurs, the way out is to try something different. That could mean a new approach, one that is uncharacteristic for us. Backing away and disengaging from the situation is also a possibility. Or we can reframe the circumstances, changing how we view and experience them to be more positive and acceptable.

Today’s message reminds me that I own responsibility for making happiness in my life. If I don’t enjoy some aspect of my experience, I have the power to change my reactions and attitudes to help me make it feel better. I create my own joy.

How about you? How do you make things feel better?