What makes you unique?

We often try hard to fit in. It’s considered a social skill. When we’re like most other folks, we are more apt to be accepted.

It can feel uncomfortable to be different from others. If we’re not rejected by others for not being like them, we may reject ourselves, feeling that there is something wrong with us.

But we are not intended to be identical instances of the unified divine consciousness. While we are all sourced alike, it is our gift and blessing to be unique. Endless diversity is what make existence rich, interesting, and beautiful.

So, whatever makes us different is what makes us special and precious. Our individuality and uniqueness are the source of our mojo. They’re our superpowers.

Today’s message invites me to celebrate my differentness. This is why I am here. To express my uniqueness and honor myself and all the rest of Creation in gratitude.

Please reflect and share. What makes you beautifully different?