The divine universal wow

The element of surprise: the power of the universe to dazzle and refresh us with novel experiences. In every second something new occurs. Feel free and enjoy!


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Our lives are a parade of events, day in and day out, year after year. Often we see a consistent pattern to our lives. The same sorts of things seem to happen over and over again. We find ourselves in a rut.

In our third dimensional reality, we perceive things through the lens of our dimension’s prevailing mindset—separation consciousness. We tend to believe, deep down, that we are separate from all other beings and things, and ultimately separate from divinity, or God, too. We judge ourselves to be unworthy and the rest of the world to be untrustworthy.

We use this perceptual platform to interpret what goes on in our lives. As a result, we experience loneliness, loss, lack, anger, frustration, disappointment, danger, and boredom. These unpleasant experiences seem to justify our belief in the uncertainty and uncaring nature of existence.

Our separation mindset also colors our thoughts and forms the basis for our fears. Our thoughts of division and our fears will create events that arise from our underlying sense of separation, causing a seemingly unending loop. We believe in separation and therefore find separation in its many flavors in our lives. Our separation thoughts arise from our past experiences of separation. These separation thoughts then generate more events that look like separation. The cycle goes on and on. We’re trapped in by our beliefs and subsequent thoughts in a largely unchanging pattern of existence.

In divine reality, we are an inseparable part of a loving, interconnected whole. Our separation mindset leads us to forget this essential truth. We simply need help to remember our interconnected place in the universe (aka the sharing). Happily, all the assistance we require is housed inside of us. A splinter of divine consciousness resides within us as our sharing within. We merely need to establish dialogue with it to get help in clarifying our beliefs and perceptions.

Our sharing within also works cooperatively with our physical mind to create all the events in our lives. Through our sharing within’s power of serendipity, we are constantly receiving the gift of new experiences to help us recognize our divine nature and interconnection. Whether we do so (or not) depends only on what we are willing to believe. When we are willing to believe that we are an essential part of a loving and benevolent creation, our world will seem to change. It really won’t have altered it nature—the sharing always and eternally is made up of conscious love—but our ability to perceive it will have clarified.

When we view life cooperatively with our sharing within, we will find life to be full of delicious and surprising coincidences. Happenstance becomes a happy and exciting part of existence. We are charmed and nurtured by the variety in life. We appreciate all of creation and are grateful for its infinity changeability. We love life fully and without reservation, in the same way the sharing loves and appreciates us.

Let’s take a few minutes to commune with our sharing within and learn more about how to find joy and mystery in everyday occurrences. We’ll begin by relaxing our breathing pattern and allowing our breaths to become slow, deep, and even. We will picture our sharing within as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest. With each inhalation, the golden light grows brilliant and steady. With each exhalation, the light flows out through and around us. We’ll continue the breathing and light visualization until we feel peaceful, calm, and assured. This is the sign that we are in conscious connection with our sharing within.

Now we will ask our sharing within to show us the thought patterns that keep us stuck in separation consciousness. We’ll ask to be shown clearly which thoughts prevent us from seeing the beauty and novelty of life. Perhaps we often focus on the perceived shortcomings of others. We may resent them and believe that they make our lives more difficult.

Next will mentally surround each disturbing thought in a sphere of golden light and allow the light to dissolve the thought. As each negative thought dissipates, we’ll notice how our spirit feels a bit lighter and brighter. We also will replace that thought with a counterbalancing positive one. Perhaps we will focus on how others help and support us, often without being asked.

We will surround the positive thought in golden light and visualize it becoming a solid and firm part of our belief system. We also will think back to the past day and find one example we may have overlooked, which supports this positive thought. Perhaps a kind person noticed we were rushed and allowed us to skip ahead in a waiting line. We’ll repeat this process with each separation thought our sharing within brings to our awareness, replacing each one with a new positive focus.

Finally, we’ll thank our sharing within for helping us clear out our perceptual interference. When our thoughts are clear and bright, we will find it easier to joy in life’s surprises. Our wow factor is about to increase radically!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, are you ready to savor life’s charming coincidences? Please share…