Don’t try to become someone else.

Many of us have portions of ourselves we’d like to change. We may dislike our appearance, our physical condition, our thought patterns, our feelings, or our relationships. This can lead us to feel we are in some way flawed or broken.

Most of us could tweak some aspect of ourselves. A diet or exercise plan, increased emotional intelligence, a new skillset, or an attitude adjustment might benefit our well-being and happiness.

We may look to others to provide a model for us. Social media certainly provides examples of folks who seem to know how to live well or to have a life we want to imitate.

A positive mentor can be helpful, yes. But we won’t want to lose sight of the fact that we need to continue being ourselves.

We simply may wish to work with some aspect of who we are to become a more functional version of ourselves. We don’t need to become someone else.

Today’s message advises me that I can only ever be myself, no matter how hard I might try not to be. That said, I can make peace with any aspects of myself that feel uncomfortable or unhealthy and learn how to be precisely myself—happy, healthy, and well.

Please reflect and share. Do you every try not to be yourself?