Love is assorted.

We express and receive love in a variety of ways. Kind or passionate words, presents, considerate actions, compassionate gestures, affectionate looks—all these and more are ways in which love can be conveyed.

Our love can also have various outlets. We care for friends, neighbors, and coworkers. We show open affection for our family and loved ones. We may even love ourselves.

Love is also something we hold for other species, inanimate objects, and ideas. We cherish our pets, hold our homes dear, and feel impassioned about concepts like justice and equality.

Sometimes we love unconditionally. Other times we love with conditions. Our love shouldn’t be used as an incentive or a weapon, but humans can be prone to do so. The more we can love freely, the more our hearts will be open, and the happier we will feel.

Today’s message suggests to me that I’ll benefit from upping my capacity to love. When I love all aspects of life more freely, I will find greater joy in life.

Please reflect and share. What are the different ways in which you love?