Refrain from trash talking yourself.

We all judge. We have opinions about situations, things, and people and their behavior. It can be hard, really hard, not to evaluate and criticize.

No one suffers more from our judgment than we do. Many of us have a constant livestream in our heads, critiquing whatever we think, say, and do.

Worse, we also tend to verbalize our self-criticism to others. “I’m no good at math.” “I can’t sing.” “I’m overweight.” “I’m not a good cook.” “No one wants to date me.”

It’s bad enough when we think of ourselves negatively. It’s worse when we add energy to our self-criticism by uttering it. The more we tend to trash talk ourselves, the more likely we are to live down to our opinion of ourselves.

Today’s message suggests I’ll want to watch my words regarding myself. When I speak of myself in positive terms, kindly and lovingly, I support my sense of self-worth.

Please reflect and share. How do you talk about yourself?