Love makes you a superhero

Power is the expression of the divine through us. We wear it, but cannot create it. It is part of us, and cannot be taken away from us. It merely needs to be recognized and used with loving intent.


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Many of us are obsessed with power. We worry about others having power over us. We fret that we may have given our power away. We want to have power over our own lives and sometimes even over the lives of others. We feel powerless in the face of events. Somehow, life often seems to be about power.

This occurs because we usually are confused about what power truly is. We may believe that power implies domination or control over oneself, others, or circumstances. From that mindset, power equals supremacy.

In divine reality, all are equal. No one and nothing is more divine than anyone else. Everything and everyone arises from shared divinity—the sharing, or divine love. From that perspective, we need a new definition for power. Love is the source of all creation, and therefore love is the only power.

If we are all expressions of loving consciousness, power is the ability of divine love to manifest through us. We can cooperate with it consciously, but we cannot claim it, re-claim it, control it, deny it to others, or lose it. We can either remember it—through acknowledging our divine interconnection—or forget it, but it remains intrinsic to us whether or not we recognize its potential in us.

When we consciously allow divine love to operate through our thoughts, words, and actions, we mindfully tap into the power of love that is inherent in our makeup. We unlock our ability to co-create in life, and we generate beauty and happiness in and around us by aligning with conscious love. This is true power.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect with the divinity inside of us—our sharing within—to learn more about power and how we relate to it. We will start by establishing a soft, rhythmic breathing pattern. As we breathe gently in and out, we will picture our sharing within as a globe of golden light in the center of our chest. Inhaling, the light becomes dense and bright. Exhaling, the light spreads out through and around us. As we continue the visualization, we will find we feel calm, sure, and even. This is our signal of conscious connection with our inner divinity.

We will ask our sharing within to help us understand our beliefs about power. We will think of a recent situation in which we felt powerless. We’ll pick the first situation that comes to mind and explore it with the help of our inner divinity.

Perhaps we found ourselves in an unpleasant situation outside of our control. Perhaps we wanted to help someone, but didn’t have the ability or means to do so. Perhaps we felt crippled by overwhelming emotion.

Now we will ask our sharing within to show us the situation from the perspective of divine love. Perhaps we now can see we always have power over what we think about any situation; we are in control of our choice of reaction. Perhaps we now understand that having love, acceptance, and belief in someone is the most powerful assistance we can offer him or her. Perhaps we now acknowledge that by aligning our thoughts about any situation with divine love, we can free ourselves from habitual emotional patterns; we can choose how we feel in any given moment.

Next we will explore a recent situation we attempted to control, with less than desirable results. Perhaps we tried to tell a loved one what to do, and encountered an angry reaction. Perhaps we tried to engineer the outcome of a complex situation. Perhaps we tried to accomplish something difficult all on our own, and failed.

Again, we will ask our sharing within to give us new take on the situation, from the enhanced viewpoint of divine love. Perhaps we recognize that loving someone sometimes means letting them learn from experience. Perhaps we see that trust in the outcome implies recognizing the inherent divine nature of all individuals in a scenario; the highest good may not be what we imagine it to be. Perhaps we acknowledge that loving ourselves means being open to help from others; in sharing our triumphs, we share joy and love.

Finally we’ll thank our sharing within for the new perspective on power. Love is the only power. It is the super power of each and every one of us. When we feel conflicted by an apparent lack of or need for power, we can simply ask, “What would love do?”

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what is love empowering you to do right now? Please share…