Being present is enough.

When our loved ones suffer, we want to fix things for them. And sometimes there are things we can do to make things easier.

Smoothing their path through difficulties may or may not always be the best choice. If we remove the consequences for their actions, we enable them. However, easing the pain of events beyond their control may be a good choice, provided we don’t impede them from learning how to cope.

Often, they just need to know that we care and will keep them company through the difficulty. Being present with them in the situation may suffice.

This is also true when we are suffering. We may or may not be able to fix things. Our pain may be unavoidable. Any resistance will keep us stuck in the circumstances even longer. But if we are willing to acknowledge the situation fully and be present with our emotions in the moment, the discomfort will surely ease more rapidly.

Today’s message reminds me that the greatest gift I can give others and myself is to be present in life. Life may be messy, difficult, or incomprehensible at times. But when I show up to meet in without reserve, I bring my best to any situation.

Please reflect and share. How does your full presence help you and others?