Notes From The Awareness: 253

Wisdom and spite cannot coexist.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. 2020 has left many of us looking for answers. We’d like to understand the deeper significance and purpose of the year’s events. We also wish to find a way to handle them better on a personal level. We’re hunting for pearls of wisdom in the morass of challenges.

The happenings of 2020 have evoked strong emotional reactions in most of us, which has led to us holding definite opinions. Typically, there is no shortage of folks holding differing ideas. The fear in us around these situations causes us to get even more fixed in our views as they brush up against dissent. Sure of our rightness, we become disdainful and possibly even mean toward to those who don’t agree with us. As both sides of an issue react in a similar fashion, things become even more polarized.

Today’s message reminds me that I will never gain deeper understanding if my mind and heart are closed down. Wisdom will elude me when I’m certain I know what is right. Meanness narrows my spirit and puts blinders on my compassion and perception. When I am willing to explore alternate ways of thinking and to trust in the essential goodness of life, I open myself to receive more complete and neutral perception. Wisdom is kind and accepting.

How about you? How do you invite wisdom into your life?