Make space for what you want.

We’re usually desirous of something. The state of wanting seems to be part of our human nature. We want relationships, possessions, states of mind, or ways of being.

Often, we struggle to attain what we desire. Frequently, we may hang on to people, things, thoughts, or beliefs that block what we want.

When we wish to manifest a desire, we will want to be certain we’ve made room for it in our lives in advance.

Making room in our cram-packed closet for a lover’s clothes. Discarding worn or unused possessions so we have space for ones we prefer. Clearing out contradictory beliefs and replacing them with ones which support our dreams. All these are useful actions to create an opening for our desires.

Today’s message encourages me to support what I want by making space for it. Creating a welcoming home for my wishes will help them come to me more readily.

Please reflect and share. How might you prepare a space for your desires?