Not lost, merely separated.

This afternoon my female cat went awol. I was busy working on financial paperwork and unaware of her whereabouts.

When I reached a stopping point, she wasn’t around. This is unusual. During the daytime hours she usually shadows me fairly closely.

I searched the house from top to bottom several times. I called and called and called. She generally comes when called or at the very least will tell me where she is. Not this time.

Could she be outside in the cold and rain? I called and scoured the neighborhood a number of times and enlisted the help of Nate and the neighbors. All without the desired result. No cat.

Finally, she reassured me she was safe and dry but didn’t want to come to my call. She was annoyed that I was focusing on paperwork instead of her.

In frustration, I decided to go back indoors and write my blog. Perhaps after a break, she would make her presence known.

As I walked into the living room, she strolled casually up to greet me and inquired if she could have a treat. She opined that she hadn’t been missing, simply apart.

Today’s message strikes me as a good metaphor for so much in our lives. Awol pets, lost keys or paperwork, departed loved ones—I’m often missing things or folks. The reminder is that they’re not gone, just separate from me at the moment. I can hope and expect that at some point I’ll be reunited with them in some way.

Please reflect and share. Whom or what are you missing today?