Primarily we and our world are fashioned from our perceptions.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Most of us are aware, to some degree, that how we think and feel about things affects how we experience them. If we go into an important conversation anticipating conflict, that’s likely what will occur. Conversely, if we expect the interaction to go smoothly, it probably will. So, what we look for tends to be what we find.

Our perceptions are formed by our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, which in turn are shaped by our prior experiences. That’s why if we’ve been victimized in the past, chance are we will continue to feel victimized unless we alter our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. If we see ourselves as lucky and blessed, we’re apt to encounter life that way. In this way, we can only experience what were willing and able to see.

This perceptual limitation includes how we view ourselves. If we’ve always seen ourselves as a failure, we’re unlikely to succeed. If we view ourselves and our abilities confidently, we’re likely to be able to handle anything that arises.

Today’s message challenges me to view myself and my life as I would wish things to be. The more I see myself capable and happy in a benevolent world, the more likely it is that’s what I’ll experience. Seeing good in myself and around me, that is what I find.

How about you? What shapes your perceptions?