Renew yourself

Sometimes we may feel uncertain about ourselves or at odds with ourselves. It’s uncomfortable and probably a bit puzzling.

We may find ourselves uncertain about our actions and reactions or wondering about what we really want. It can feel a bit like being in a relationship with someone we don’t know well.

In a relationship if we don’t have much time or emotion invested, we might choose to go slowly or back away. Neither tactic is advisable in a relationship with ourselves.

We’ll want to choose a different path, that of how we might react to similar feelings in a cherished long-established relationship. We opt to give acceptance, understanding, and patience. We dialogue to understand better why things are as they are. And we listen.

Today’s message advises that when I feel at odds with myself, it’s time to renew my relationship with my inner self. When I treat myself with kindness and compassion, I renew the bonds of trust and familiarity with myself.

Please reflect and share. When have you felt at odds with yourself? How did you handle the situation?