Relax to rejuvenate.

Most of us are busy. We have jobs; we have partners and kids; we have social lives.

Additionally, we may have goals too. We may be taking education courses to better our prospects or may be working long hours to prove our capabilities at work.

Add to all of this busyness the normal chores like cooking, laundry, and yard work, and hopefully some self-care, and we’re likely on overload.

Most of us could use a good break from our routine of endless activity. Our stressful round of things to do can have us strained emotionally and physically. We may also be shorting ourselves on sleep in an effort to fit all of our “shoulds” into our daily routine.

Sometimes, we wish it would all just stop. And that probably is exactly what we need. We need to relax.

We may think of relaxation as physical downtime. And sometimes that’s precisely what will benefit us most.

But there are other forms of relaxation that can also ease our stress. We can engage in pleasurable physical activity.

Or we can switch off the part of our mind that comes up with endless to-do lists. When we focus on enjoying the moment rather than what we should or could be doing, we take the pressure off of ourselves.

Better yet, we can turn off our normal thought processes entirely by communing with the divine or practicing a form of meditation. Turning off mental chatter opens us to spiritual experience and a change of perspective.

Today’s message invites me to take a break from my normal way of being. When I focus on relaxation, I’m freer to explore the infinite beauty of existence.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from some relaxation?