Rethink and regroup.

We all get a whammy from time to time. The unexpected catches us and we feel sideswiped.

We usually are taken aback for a bit, and then recognize the need to proceed with life. Our instinct likely is to move forward in the same way we’ve always done. Same beliefs, thoughts, and ways of behavior.

The interruption of our plans offers an opportunity to try a different approach. If we simply move on in customary style, we miss out on the opening we’ve created in the armor of our ritual behavior.

A pause for contemplation may reveal areas in which our beliefs, thoughts, and actions may be outmoded. They may no longer be appropriate to support us in who and how we want to be in life. When we make conscious choices about how we wish to proceed, we’re more likely to come out of the chaos happier.

Today’s message invites me to pause, reflect, and make new choices. When I make conscious choices about how I wish to proceed, I’m more likely to come out of the chaos happier.

Please reflect and share. What area of your life could benefit from pondering and regrouping?