We give and receive evenly in life, but not necessarily reciprocally.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Most of us are generous, sometimes so much so that is can seem like a fault. It may feel like we give and give and may get little in return. The inflow and outflow don’t seem to balance.

In divine interconnection, everything we give benefits the whole, and everything we receive essentially comes from the whole. When we assist another, we may also get assistance when we need it; it just may not be from the individual whom we helped. When we are less focused on reciprocity, it is easier to see that we give and receive equally.

Today’s message invites me to ponder the many marvelous ways in which I receive. Giving generously, I also receive liberally from many and varied sources. The flow of abundance through me is naturally balanced and even.

How about you? How does give and take work for you?