Recharge your enthusiasm.

It’s easy to become discouraged and blas√© in our current society. Politics can be alternately depressing and alarming. Finances may be troubling. Rudeness and judgment in our social discourse is dismaying. And we may feel we can’t do much to change these issues.

We see so much supporting our concerns in social media. The malaise this content encourages can taint the areas we personally can influence or control—our daily lives, personal interactions, and choices.

When we’re world weary, we’re more likely to make decisions and elections that aren’t necessarily healthy for us (or for others too, for that matter). We may eat that second piece of pie, skip exercising, impulse spend, or trash talk ourselves or others.

When we’re optimistic about something, anything, our feelings about existence in general can change. We become more positive overall. We may not be able to personally solve the world’s problems, but we may feel more hopeful about our existence.

Today’s message advises me to find something to be enthusiastic about. When I’m charged with positive energy, everything looks brighter.

Please reflect and share. What might jumpstart your enthusiasm?