When you don’t know what to do, act on something else.

Sometimes we’re in a quandary. An issue looms and we’re not sure what to do about it. We can get stuck in a loop, going over and over our known options and feeling more and more confused.

Although we may feel urgency on the decision, it may be best to let the situation percolate. That won’t happen if we’re hyper focused on our need to make a choice. So, we need to give it a rest.

We can clear our mind by doing some other needed task, preferably one that is somewhat physical. Dusting, raking leaves, folding laundry, and cooking all spring to mind. The task is something we need to accomplish anyway and completing it will give us a dopamine boost that may help clarify our conundrum.

Today’s message suggests I will get further with my puzzling issue by taking a break. When I move on in some other area of my life, the sense of momentum just might help me proceed in making a good decision.

Please reflect and share. Where are you struggling with a decision and what chore might help you get clarity?