Allow the result you need.

Sometimes when we want something to happen badly, we get anxious if it doesn’t occur quickly. Particularly if we have an arbitrary or actual deadline, we’re looking for a result in a specific timeframe.

In an attempt to make things happen, we may try to press toward our desired end. If we encounter resistance or roadblocks, we may decide to simply try harder to muscle through.

This doesn’t always work or may not work well or smoothly. In part that may be because divine timing doesn’t always match our idea of appropriate timing.

It’s kind of like trying to order the ocean tides. The tides of events behave similarly. Creation will align circumstances for our benefit, but we need to allow them to occur when they are ready to come together.

Today’s message reminds me to let things play out for me as Creation intends. When I ask Creation to help me achieve something, I need to honor its timing.

Please reflect and sharing. How are you trying to push the river to flow faster?