Notes From The Awareness: 237

Preparation may limit serendipity.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Many of us are fans of being prepared. We make lists, have a supply of staple food items, buy insurance, save for emergencies or retirement. We do so to limit risk. It helps us feel that if something unforeseen occurs, we will still have a measure of control.

Planning give us a game plan, a path to what we believe will be a better outcome. This often may be true. However, in preparing for the unexpected, we may forget that possibilities sometimes flow in unimagined ways. If we adhere too rigidly to our projected plan of action, we may miss out on the gracious gifts of serendipity.

Today’s message advises me to synthesize planning and inspiration. Preparedness give me a good staring point and willingness to deviate in the face of changes keeps my plans fresh. Organization and creative chaos meet in me to keep my stance in life effective.

How about you Are you a planner, and if so, what do you do when life hijacks your plans?