Possessions seem to allow us control.

We all like to possess things. Houses, vehicles, jewelry, electronics, furnishings—these are all things we may feel we possess or desire to have.

We often are averse to parting with our possessions. Belongings often have memories attached, and we fear to lose the memories if we don’t have the tangible reminder.

It all boils down to control. We somehow feel in charge of our interactions or environment if we own things. Our sense of control over these items can help us feel safe.

But do all of our belongings really improve the quality of our lives? And if our memories are easily lost without a tangible reminder, are they truly that indelible?

Dragging around too many attachments to the past can consume our energy to maintain them and our space to house them.

Today’s message advises me that it may be time to let go of some of my possessions. I will feel lighter and truly be in control of my life when I choose what has current relevance and usefulness to me.

Please reflect and share. What are you hanging on to that it would serve you to release?