Play your life.

As children, we are all about fun. The world is full of amazing and interesting things. We love to explore, to learn new things, and most of all, to play.

Somehow, many of us lose that mindset as we mature. As adults, we have duties, responsibilities, debts, and issues. We get more serious and more burdened by life. Playing is likely way down at the bottom of our to-do list, if it appears there at all.

When something doesn’t go our way as a child, we cry or howl, may have a tantrum, and then we move on to the next interesting thing. As adults, we worry, we hold grudges, we ruminate over what we could/should/would have done differently. We poison our present with hanging onto and revisiting things.

Play is self-care. When we have fun, we’re wide open to possibilities. Our creative juices are flowing. We forget anything that might be troubling us and immerse ourselves in the joy of doing and exploring.

Carl Jung said “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” When we make time for play, we become more productive and effective. We’re likely more fun to be around, too.

Today’s message invites me to amp up my playful side. My role model for today—the otter—who is active, vocal, a bit mischievous, and above all, playful.

Please reflect and share. What play activity could you add to your life today?