Notes From The Awareness: 329

Quality arises from caring.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us appreciate the finer things in life—strong personal relationships, specially prepared food or drink, well made possessions or clothing, finely crafted furniture or machinery. It’s satisfying to experience reliability, attention to detail, and loving input. We feel nurtured by quality.

When we are concerned about the outcome, whether in a relationships, end product, or an artistic creation, quality is likely to ensue. In a tangible item, use of a better grade of materials and meticulous craftmanship will yield a superior outcome.
Investing our focus, our effort, and even our love or passion provides higher caliber results.

Today’s message reminds to to place my focus and effort on what matters most to me. Not everything I do needs to be high quality; sometimes adequate is good enough. But for the things and folks that matter to me, I’ll want to contribute the best I can offer. Quality = caring.

How about you? What do you care enough about to invest yourself in?