Notes From The Awareness: 229

Perseverance ensures consistent results.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life.

I’ll start us out. We usually feel sticking with something is a virtue. Regular attention to a diet or exercise plan certain can yield good results. Working steadily to complete schooling, achieve a promotion, or attain personal growth also can be quite fulfilling. Consistent effort in areas that are within our personal control often is rewarded with the desired outcome.

Perseverance may not be warranted in situations that feel stagnant or tiresome. There is no payoff in continuing to work at something we feel is going nowhere or doesn’t make us happier or healthier. Consistency for its own sake or because we’re afraid to try something different makes no sense and is self-negating.

Situations can be more complicated when others are involved. We can only be in charge of our own effort. For any relationship to work well, both parties need to be committed to investing themselves. When interactions are troubled, we may feel that things might smooth out if we just try a bit harder. They may with only our own additional effort, for a short while. Usually longer-tern relationship imbalance doesn’t work out well.

Today’s message reminds me to be discriminating about when personal consistency is beneficial and when it is not. My first priority should be regular self-care. When I have tended to my own health and personal needs, then I can afford to invest my effort with others, attempting to keep a sane give and take in my relationships. Consistency in loving myself, having balanced heathy interactions, and working toward things that bring me joy will yield a fulfilling life.

How about you? When it it important to you to be consistent?