Enjoy, be grateful, repeat.

Some moments are golden. They’re peak life experiences, times when we feel full of light and love, fully alive, and grateful to be so.

These times are intoxicating. And we may wonder why life can’t be this way more of the time.

But it can be! They key is in flexing our gratitude muscle. The more we are fully thankful, bone-deep appreciative, for the gift of these moments, the more we will attract them. Creation multiplies joy by giving us more of what we’re grateful for.

Certainly, we can try to recreate the circumstances that lead to our intense enjoyment. But a liberal application of gratitude will act as a lubricant to the flow of magic in our lives.

Today’s message reminds me to consciously support my joy by generating peak life experiences through thought, word, and deed, and above all else, through gratitude.

Please reflect and share. What was your most recent peak life experience?