Often what appear to be downturns are merely plateaus.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Sometimes when things appear to be going forward smoothly, there’s a disruption in progress. We often are perturbed by this, feeling that something is wrong or that we’ve made a mistake. We worry that things won’t move forward again.

What we see as an upset is actually a pause, a needed rest to build further momentum. Once the required energy and clarity of direction are achieved, progress will resume. We simply need to be patient and hold the vision of our goal clearly and steadily.

Today’s message reminds me that continuous onward movement is neither advisable nor beneficial. Just as both inhalation and exhalation are essential to breathing, forward motion and pauses for release and reorientation are necessary for personal progress. When I view my plateaus as opportunities for reflection and refinement, I can be confident advancement will occur naturally in its own time.

How about you? How do you feel about delays?