Listen to the sound of nothing.

Our lives are filled with sound. Street noise, music, TV, urban chatter. There’s also digital noise—social media, videos, forums. We’re bombarded with sounds and ideas.

We also continuously make noise in our heads. We have a running commentary on our lives streaming in our minds. We approve, disapprove, blame, excuse, analyze—both ourselves and others too.

Many of us almost never get quiet. We don’t take time to get to a physical place of little or no noise and a mental state of quiet. When we don’t get still, we rob ourselves of the benefit of nothingness.

When we listen to the great stillness of Creation, we can dissolve our problems, aches, worries, and even our separate identity. In the ease of nothingness, we can connect with everything and be at deep ease. We relax to the lullaby of emptiness.

Today’s message suggests that I need to increase the duration and frequency of my meditations. By getting still, I will easily loose anything I’m willing to release.

Please reflect and share. How might nothingness benefit you?