Notes From The Awareness: 157

In misspeaking, we sometimes speak the truth.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. More often than we might like our words don’t come out as we would choose. We mean to say one thing and end up speaking or typing another, sometimes leading to misunderstandings. It’s frustrating for us and others, and we may struggle to correct the effects of our garbled communication.

Sometimes we misspeak and end up revealing the truth. We may intend to deliver a diluted or softened version of our thoughts and feelings and instead let them loose unadulterated. Or we may wish to say what we believe to be true but wind up stating something else entirely, only to realize, as it comes out of our mouth, that is is the unvarnished truth.

Our misspoken words can be the result of nervousness or heightened emotions. They can also reveal subconscious thoughts or feeling we might not be aware of or wish to admit. Less frequently unexpected utterings may be the divine expressing directly through us. We can serve as a mouthpiece to deliver a message that we and others need to hear.

Whatever the underlying reason, when our words come out wrong or seemingly out of nowhere, we may wish to pay attention. There is something for us to learn in the occurrence, whether it’s insight into ourselves and our inner workings or expression of a larger universal truth.

Today’s message reminds me to heed my own words, particularly when I misspeak. I may need to examine my inner feelings in light of what I have said. Being a channel, there’s also an increased chance that truth may reveal itself when I trip over my own words. Creation definitely has a sense of humor!

How about you? How do you react to misspeaking?