Intuitive motivation.

Most of us need to nudge ourselves from time to time. There are things we need or want to do but somehow, we just haven’t gotten started on them.

Our usual self-stimulus in this situation is likely guilt and shame. In other words, we beat ourselves up until we feel badly enough that we take action.

This can be short-term effective but ends up leaving a bad taste in our mouths regarding the activity. After all, we had to force ourselves to do it.

What else can we do to get ourselves in gear when motivation is lacking? Is there some positive way to get started?

Sometimes, it can help to visualize the end result of our completed task or project and how good and satisfied we’ll feel when it is accomplished. But other times, this just doesn’t cut it. We simply don’t feel motivated by this end vision.

We can, however, ask ourselves what might make us want to get in gear. If we first get quiet a bit—deep breathing, meditation, or prayer—it will be easier to be in tune with our subconscious, which holds the key to our inner motivations.

Then we can imagine our desired end result and also our path to get there happily. What does that look like? What is different about the starting point from where we are now? Are we in a different mood, wearing different clothes, singing, enjoying a snack or cup of coffee as we work? Have we given ourselves a written gameplan in our vision that doesn’t exist yet in real life? If yes, what is the first step of the plan?

Today’s message advises me that when I allow my intuition to help me generate motivation, I will be able to bypass any unknown, subconscious roadblocks to my effort. When I get my whole being involved in self-motivation, and not just my conscious mind, I’ll feel more energetic, hopeful, and capable.

Please reflect and share. What do you do when motivation is lacking?