Live large.

Today I lost a favorite cat client. I’ll call him H-man, to help preserve his momma’s privacy.

He was handsome, sassy, affectionate, and in-charge. H-man established the tone in his cat household and set a splendid example for the rest of the cats. To humans, he was funny, adorable, and a bit of a brat. He did one thing best of all; he lived large.

H-man cat danced to catch toys and always wanted more outside time. He snuggled both cats and humans with intensity. His handsome green eyes flashed long-suffering disdain when he was forced to endure selfies.

Whatever he did, H-man lived to the fullest. Each moment for him was full of richness to be savored. H-man knew how to live. He also, unfortunately, knew how to die.

H-man’s time in body was cut short. Disease took him far too young. But until the very end, he squeezed as much enjoyment as possible out of life.

He understood the art of living large. And then when his body couldn’t anymore, he gracefully let go to follow more adventures in the great beyond.

Today’s message reminds me of the wisdom of following H-man’s legacy. My remaining time in life could be long or short. But it certainly will be sweet if I put my energy into living large, doing what brings me joy and shining my true nature out into life.

Please reflect and share. How might you live large today?