Support your well-being.

Many of us have others we nurture and care for. Whether this is in a romantic, family, friendship, or business setting, we have those whose needs we tend.

We’re helpful, considerate, thoughtful, and dutiful. We can be relied upon. We have others’ backs.

Unfortunately, often we don’t offer the same level of devotion to ourselves. We probably don’t pay as much attention or devote as much thought into making sure our own needs are met. It’s unlikely that we have a self-care routine we follow as regularly as we look after others.

This is unfortunate, in that we are the one person who is always present in our lives, no matter what. We should be able to rely on ourselves to be kind, considerate, and supportive at all times.

Today’s message reminds me that self-care is the best way to ensure I have a happy and healthy life. Investing in myself—health, diet, relaxation, exercise, peace of mind—will yield a quality life for me and will spread out to affect others as well.

Please reflect and share. Are you good at supporting your own needs?