Let go of the issue.

Sometimes it can be hard not to dwell on an unsatisfactory situation. Particularly if we feel wronged, we aren’t inclined to let it go. It may seem as if releasing the events emotionally equates to admitting we don’t deserve better.

And yes, we do deserve better. But we likely won’t get it by hanging on to our grievance emotionally.

We stay stuck in the unsatisfactory energy by nature of our emotional attachment to it. The more we ruminate on it, the more the energy of what we don’t want persists in our life.

We can certainly take practical steps to try to resolve the problem and ensure it doesn’t reoccur. But then we’ll want to put it behind us as best we can. Staying married to our dissatisfaction isn’t going to make us any happier.

Today’s message suggests that in letting go of less than satisfactory scenarios, I free myself to experience something different. The less I dwell on what I don’t want, the more I am open to what I do want.

Please reflect and share. What situation might you let go of, to your benefit?