Gather up small daily pleasures.

Often we’re preoccupied with getting things done. We have a mental list of tasks which probably won’t be completed as quickly as we might wish. Our to-do’s may also take a back seat to unexpected events that require our immediate attention. Amid all this busyness, we can easily ignore consciously seeking out pleasure.

We may promise ourselves and even may deliver larger happy experiences—date night, a vacation, a party or concert, a dinner out. But these noteworthy events don’t happen every day. They’re merely bright spots in what otherwise can seem like a long drudge through work and obligations.

We need small daily joys to achieve some balance in life. What that means will vary for each of us. Perhaps it is a leisurely good cup of coffee or tea, a relaxing cocktail or glass or wine or beer, a brisk walk with the dog, listening to our favorite music, or fifteen minutes to drift, dream and do absolutely nothing. Whatever our pleasure entails, we need to make room in our daily schedule for it.

Today’s message reminds me to give myself adequate amounts of simple daily happiness. The good feelings from conscious pleasure breaks will spill into the rest of my day, making all of it brighter and more satisfying. My good life is strewn with little, regular joyful occurrences of my choosing.

How about you? What small daily pleasures do you cultivate?