The truth in any situation is shown by our reaction to it.

Sometimes we react strongly to a situation. We may push back or even deny the reality of what’s occurring.

If someone challenges our reaction, we may become defensive. Occasionally, we may feel defensive even if no one confronts us with our behavior.

That’s because the essential truth of what’s going on makes us feel afraid. For whatever reason, we feel threatened by the reality of the situation.

When we have this type of knee-jerk reaction, it may be helpful to ask ourselves what we’re afraid of. When we recognize that we’re fearful and begin to understand why, it will be easier to modify our stance in the situation to a more neutral one.

Today’s message invites me to see a defensive reaction on my part as an opportunity to grow my perceptions. When I master myself, I can handle any situation more easily.

Please reflect and share. What recent situation has evoked a strong reaction from you?