Fix what’s broken. Jettison what can’t be fixed. Accept what can’t be fixed or jettisoned.

We tend to hang onto things. We may keep possessions out of sentimentality or sheer inertia.

We may also allow ourselves to be stuck in nonfunctional scenarios for similar reasons. We may be afraid of change and its consequences.

By not taking action to remediate what isn’t working, we sentence ourselves to time being unhappy or dissatisfied. If the situation or item isn’t repairable, letting it go may be the sanest course.

Sometimes—fortunately not often—we can’t do either. No fix exists and we can’t release what seems not to be working. Our only option then is acceptance.

Staying unhappy and frustrated won’t make dealing with whatever any easier. Letting go of our animus will help us find a way to be more satisfied with what is inevitable.

Today’s message asks me to give up struggling with people and issues. I will want to remedy what I can, release what I cannot fix, and accept anything else that remains.

Please reflect and share. What situation might you struggle with less if you changed your approach?