Interpret things positively

We all can fall prey to the “Chicken Little” way of thinking. Something unexpected occurs and our fear causes us to immediately think the worst.

The unlooked-for occurrence could have a minor impact. It also could have major importance. The end result might be bad from our perspective. It also might be beneficial.

When we interpret the occurrence in the most negative way, especially when we don’t have all the facts, we’re living as if our uncomfortable assumption is real. We might fret and suffer over something that never actually plays out as we fear it will.

If we choose to put a positive spin on the event, we might find our interpretation to be accurate or also may discover it is false. If the worst does occur, we can handle the scenario when it becomes fully apparent. We’ll then limit our discomfort to only what actually happens.

Today’s message advises me that when I put a positive spin on things, more often than not I will be pleasantly surprised. Living in anticipatory negativity is a recipe for unhappiness and best for me to avoid.

Please reflect and share. Do you generally assume the worst? Or the best? Or somewhere in between?