Opportunity knocks.

Most of us have something we’d would like to see change in our lives. Whether it’s our circumstances or ourselves, there’s something we feel could be improved.

We may hope, dream, or even consciously visualize what our lives would be like if that change occurred. And then we go on with our everyday lives. We likely continue to dream, but it’s possible that nothing seems change.

In getting busy with our daily routines, we may be unaware of shifts and openings, whether internal or external or both. But they represent starting points, perhaps the starting point for the very change we’ve been waiting for.

The signs may be subtle. But if we’re present to them, they’re all we need to expand on our dream.

Occasionally the signs are bold and can’t be ignored. Likely these stronger opportunities look like crises to us. The trick here is not to try to go back to what was and instead leverage the shift to create more of what we want.

Whether slight or dramatic, opportunities require our interaction to create change.

Today’s message reminds me to be on the lookout for openings to my dreams and desires. Creation is benevolent and will offer me the opportunities I need. I simply need to recognize them.

Please reflect and share. What opportunity has been waiting for you to recognize it?