How bad is it really?

Today while I was tying up the tomato plants, a bee got down the back of my sundress and stung me. I was startled. This hadn’t happened in years. It hurt!

We went inside and Nate helped me smear antihistamine cream, and T-Relief on the spot. The area for about four inches was quite red and swollen. I took an oral antihistamine and anti-inflammatories, too.

The more I thought about the situation, the more it hurt. I decided to distract myself by doing a crossword puzzle. Surprisingly, my focus on the rather difficult puzzle made me forget the pain.

We repeated the application of creams along with lavender oil about half an hour later. I realized that I could be as miserable about the sting as I wished to be. Yes, it still hurts but the less I think about it, the better I feel.

Today’s message reminds me that much of life is this way. We experience more intensely when we focus on something. This is as true for pleasant situations as it is for unpleasant ones. I get to choose how deeply I wish to feel.

Please reflect and share. How does your focus affect your experiences?